What is the Daily Gorge?

Dailygorge.com is a website where health, wealth and happiness all come together. It is a “buffet”of ideas and information that can help you in your journey through life. Whether it be motivation on losing weight or eating healthier, getting control of your finances or just self-help ideas that will guide you through rough times, it is here to help anyone take that next step.

Hello, my name is Alicia, and I live in Texas. Texas is a great state, but the weather is brutal in the summers. It cannot decide whether to spawn a tornado or soar us into triple digit heat index numbers. The last three weeks we have gotten both. One thing is for certain, if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes, and it will change!

In 2019, I was diagnosed with Stage III Triple Negative Breast Cancer (or TNBC). Due to the size and the fact that my disease had already metastasized to my lymph nodes, I had to began neoadjuvant chemo therapy immediately. This was so they can attempt to shrink the tumors, prior to operating. My disease was aggressive and the cancer had announced its intent to kill me. When you think about it, that is cancer’s only mission, to kill its host. Needless to say, my world was rocked and I began a journey with my disease, with little to no support from my family.

After the chemo, there was the surgery to remove all my tumors. I was only ten days out of surgery, and they took me back in to remove what they thought was a secondary primary cancer in my thyroid. I still had my drains in my chest when they wheeled me back.

After a cooling off period, I was scheduled for six weeks of radiation therapy each day. I was taking a drug that made me extremely sensitive to light and burning. I was so burned from the radiation, I could only complete 2/3’s of my prescribed course of radiation. Stopping my radiation, was not suggested, but it was a personal decision that I made with the help of God.

Then, more oral chemo, which only lasted two weeks until I made the decision to discontinue that too. I had to weigh my quality of life, and there was none. I was not even six days into the first cycle of my oral chemo, when I got huge deep holes in the bottom of my feet. They were so painful, it was difficult to even walk short distances to the bathroom.

Fast forward to now, and between the steroids, chemo and COVID shut in, the pounds packed on. I had to take control of my life and attempt to keep my cancer from returning. I am told from my oncologist, TNBC, loves to return within the first five years. When it is found, it is already stage IV, metting to your brain, lungs, bones and organs and there is not much that can be done. So, I set out of a quest to help me, help myself. Hence, The Daily Gorge was created. It is my way of holding me accountable, and who knows, maybe I can help someone else with their journey.

Months ago, I had gone on a whole food plant-based diet and lost about 35 pounds rather quickly. It was on a great start to getting my life back. I had done so good, kicking meat, sugar, diary, alcohol, processed foods and all diet sodas to the curb. Then, I decided to flex out to accommodate a family member for dinner one night.

I thought this was only going to be for a night or two. Well, my life exploded, and I lost my job. Stress set in and my tendencies were to reach for those comfort foods I knew all too well. I am talking about wine, diary (especially cheese and ice cream) and processed food!

What happened? I think you can probably guess that the weight packed on, like a hiker and his backpack heading out across Europe. I am now almost to my original chemo weight of 200 pounds. So, it is time to take action and this time, stay strong.

Welcome to my blog. This is a work-in-progress, so keep checking back as I get the content uploaded. I hope that you can find something that will help you in your journey. So, I would love it if you joined me!

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